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    As it happens, I am a huge Monty Python fan, but I've got no idea what went on behind the scenes, like how much of the material was improvised and how much of it was scripted. I suppose there's tons of interviews
    and public appearances that discuss just that, but I'm feeling too lazy
    to look them up right now. :) --- SBBSecho 3.03-Win32

    Most was very scripted, espcially the John Cleese stuff. He'll beat the page
    to death! Eric Idle had real trouble working with him, unlike Palin. So
    things like The Cheese Shop were very scripted down to addlibs (even they can be scripted).
    Eric Idle on the other hand likes to get the basic outline down, not specifics first. John Cleese writes it all down and goes line by line generally, Eric wants to get the just down and then fill in (Spam, sausage and spam, or is
    that Bacon, spam and sausage?).
    Episode 12B How to recognise different types of trees from a long way away.
    The larch....the larch. ;)

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