• Echo access changes

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Sat Jan 8 17:26:22 2022
    Hello All!

    I noticed that the security on some new echo's was incorrectly set up so for: NETMAIL, NETMAIL2 & NETMAIL3 totally restricted it is only for the sysop but there again no one else should want them.

    STARS only for access by the FileGate Star hubs but other file Hubs can get read and may be write access on application.

    Some of the echo's starting with Z and Z1 is restricted access where some allow
    for read only and other not at all.

    This has all been changed - hopefully.

    The issue with NETMAIL areas - mbse should never allow anyone to connect to them and there was one this has hopefully been fixed by increasing the security.

    All Military echo's from all sources UK, USA, Canada, Israel and possibly other
    I do not know about have had an extra layer of security added within the system. I cannot see any one other than those allowed could even see the areas
    let alone connect so no harm done and any one else cannot even hack into them as the encryption is very high - 1024 byte keys. No I do not have access to most of them and even the one's I do, I am starting to remove myself from them as the topics are getting outside my knowledge - called getting old :(

    If you believe that you should have write access to any of the normal echo areas when you do not send me a netmail about the issue and the reason why you should.


    --- Mageia Linux v8 X64/Mbse v1.0.7.24/GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: Air Applewood, The Linux Gateway to the UK & Eire (2:250/1)