• Ubuntu 16.10 and Intel?

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    I just thought I would mention something that I noticed recently.
    I have a Intel based 64 bit P4 computer here that came with Win8.
    Some months ago I installed Ubuntu v16.10 64b on it. The install >>completed.. But I would randomly experience complete system
    lockups even with system sitting idle.

    A second thing that seems to have helped is that using Ubuntu with
    a Intel based PC I edited the Grub config file and changed the

    From: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="quiet splash"

    To: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="quiet splash intel_idle.max_cstate=1"

    Then updated GRUB and then rebooted.

    So far the PC hasn't crashed or locked up once since the update. >Fortunately, this isn't a critical PC so I can test different
    things out.

    THANKS for detailed info like this. Not long ago I sifted through a variety of distributions to find the "right match" for a particular PC. I ran into NVIDIA screen-tearing issues. The ususal tips out there helped somewhat. Then I encountered issues with the screensaver function that my friend wanted. I also experienced lockups at idle.

    If I encountered a problem, I just moved on to another distro. It was also a good way to see how they varied in appearance.

    I eventually found the distro that handled everything well, right out of the box.

    (To the critics: OK, I've picked up this echo just recently. Bite me. I've also quoted more than I usually would in case the original from 2017 was nolonger available.)

    Now, I'm looking for the possibility of finding another distro that will cooperate with a Toshiba 1800 from w-a-y back in 2001. Works rather fine with XP, but I need a distro ISO that is under 800mb.

    THAT is another topic for later! LOL

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