• Biting flies

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    Hello Doug!

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    Curious to know if anyone else have noticed a significant
    number of smaller biting flies in their area this year.
    And if so or not, what causes them and how to keep them at
    bay. The ones biting are killing my German Shepherds ears,
    and biting my ankles left and right...


    Any input would be great as it's making the summer days in
    our "relaxation zone" extremely painful -- the bites are
    like yellow jacket stings.

    That was an incredible report. Did you ever work out a

    I've encountered very small flies that resemble hornets, but not
    to the extent that you are describing.

    During one part of our spring, there is a time when these tiny
    flies (people call then "no see ems", 'cuz you don't really see
    them) will squeeze through typically screened windows and into
    the house. The bites are annoying because the end result shows
    up when you least expect it.


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