• The Pros of Gun Control

    From Crab Johnson@1:135/371 to All on Wed Oct 7 13:22:13 2020
    There are none.
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  • From Don Lowery@1:340/1000 to Crab Johnson on Wed Oct 7 13:38:33 2020
    There are none.

    Only ONE! Everyone gets to see what they weren't born with. Sometimes...a
    cigar IS a cigar. ;)

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  • From Jeff Smith@1:14/5 to Crab Johnson on Sun Nov 1 19:29:49 2020

    Hello Crab!

    07 Oct 20 13:22, you wrote to all:

    There are none.

    I am in favor of gun control. But only to the extent that people
    who desire to own/carry a gun know how to safely use, handle
    that gun. Requiring the attendance and the passing of a gun safety
    course. I can also understand the exclusion of certain people who
    have been convicted of certain crimes that involved the use of a
    gun. Otherwise people should be allowed to buy, own, and carry a
    gun. A gun is a thing and it takes a person to do something bad
    with it.


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