• Famous Firsts

    From Mike Dippel@3:640/1116 to All on Wed Aug 25 11:03:50 2021
    This week, I present my connections to people that were the first in their field to
    accomplish something famous.

    Here they are:

    Amelia Earhart, first woman to make a solo Trans-Atlantic flight
    Roald Amundsen, first to visit both the South and North Poles
    Clara Washington Burrill, first woman to be editor of the Boston Review
    Leif Erikkson, first European to land in North America
    Margaret Thatcher, first female British Prime Minister
    Alexandra David-N˙el, first European woman to visit Tibet
    Harold Melville Clark, first person to deliver mail between Hawaiian Islands Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon
    Sir Edmund Hillary, first person to reach the top of Mt. Everest
    Bert Hinkler, first person to fly solo from England to Australia

    I am:

    30 degrees from Matthew Webb
    18 degrees from Amelia Earhart
    39 degrees from Leifur Eir˙ksson
    27 degrees from Edmund Hillary
    25 degrees from Neil Armstrong
    34 degrees from Roald Amundsen
    22 degrees from Clara Bruce
    20 degrees from Harold Clark
    32 degrees from Alexandra David-N˙el
    28 degrees from Margaret Thatcher
    28 degrees from Bert Hinkler
    20 degrees from Scott McClain

    Mike Dippel

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