• Planned Outage

    From Paul Hayton@3:770/100 to All on Tue Jan 14 15:33:39 2020
    Hi there.

    I have just been told of a planned power cut at my home this coming Friday (New Zealand time) as the local power company is swapping power lines on to a new pole they are installing outside our house.

    Power will be off here from 9am until later that afternoon so I am looking to shutdown the following during that time.

    fsxNet NET 1 HUB 21:1/100 agency.bbs.nz:24556
    fsxNet Usenet/Games HUB 21:1/10 agency.bbs.nz:24557
    Agency BBS 21:1/101 | 3:770/100 etc. agency.bbs.nz:24555
    Agency HUB 3:770/1 agency.bbs.nz:24554

    So please be aware during that day and approx time period things will be down.

    Best, Paul

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