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    Which provider and equipment are you using?

    Ahem... In case you haven't noticed, I live in Sweden. What good would it be for you to know what system I enjoy? Suffice to know, I live in a free country, where it's illegal for any lawmaker to take bribes (US English: donations) or even own parts of the companies they are supposed to monitor.

    Here in Sweden the taxpayers helped roll out the fibres, now reaching some 90% of all households. That's what you can achieve in a socialist country where you *invest* in what's best for the citizens, rather than *waste* most of your GDP on projects that only the wealthiest top 1% can benefit from.

    74 million USAians cant be wrong, Donald Trump is a stable genius, and he still is the best idiot to rule our country. And BTW, the election was stolen!

    Ergo: you get to sleep in the bed you've been making. You obviously couldn't care less about *why* you, more than two centuries ago, had to put that 2nd amendment into your constitution. All you seem to care about is that you are allowed to own more than 1.2 guns per capita. Probably to fend off all the angry population that now lives below the poverty level?

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