• netmail when no internet

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to Carol Shenkenberger on Sun Jul 18 11:30:00 2021
    Hello Carol Shenkenberger!

    ** On Sunday 18.07.21 - 10:00, Carol Shenkenberger wrote to T.J. Mcmillen:

    Ward emailed me to inform everyone that he has had an
    Internet problem therefore his system is unreachable

    Then how'd he email you? <G> ahhaahah <JK> /smarta$$ mode
    off. ;)

    HAHAHA! How many of us can only email from our BBS?

    A Telegram account (over the cell services) could prove to be
    useful if just for the times when one would like to send
    netmail to specific sysops when a traditional internet service
    is down.

    Also, Tommi's fidonet.fi gateway can be a handy thing if one
    has email set up on their cellphones.

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