• ViaView! v2.0 released

    From Terry Roati@3:640/1321 to All on Sat May 30 22:35:40 2020
    ViaView! v2.0 - FTS File Viewer
    Second generation FidoNet file viewer
    for reading PKT, MSG and TIC files.
    Also reads Nodelist, Pointlist,
    Echolist & Filelist as well as Mail
    archives and FTSCPROD files. Supports
    reading ARC, ARJ, LHA/LZH, PAK, RAR,
    ZIP and ZOO formats as well extracting
    files for viewing. Runs on Windows XP
    through Windows 10.

    ... Platinum Xpress & Wildcat!..... Nice!!!!
    --- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v7.0
    * Origin: The File Bank BBS! (3:640/1321)