• Stallion card and 16 port pods for sale

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    Subject: Stallion card and 16 port pods for sale
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    We just upgraded to a digital modem pool.

    We are selling our Stallion 8/32 PCI controller, and 2 16 port pods and
    cables. It has been working on our NT server for about 2 years without a problem on Winserver.

    We will sell the works for $600.00.

    Also, we have a bunch of USR and Multitech external modems that we would be willing to sell at about 25 - 50.00 each. Some are 56K, some are 33.6, and some are 28.800.

    Also, we have a 76 modem rack for sale. It is made by Multitech, and has
    9600, 14,400, and 28,800 modems. It is full or modem cards. We will sell
    this for about 1000.00. You pay shipping.

    Please contact me at 608-288-0505, my name is Stuart Click.


    Stuart Click
    AXCess Computers, LLC
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