• Winsock compatibility issue

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    Subject: Winsock compatibility issue
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    Hello All,

    While I have not seen any posts in the past several months related to
    this issue, a perusal of prior posts does reveal quite a number of posts related to a winsock error in Connection Manager related to a particular version of the winsock.dll file, i.e., the 42kb file.

    This file is installed by MSDUN13.exe as part of the TCP/IP upgrade
    included with this version DUN upgrade, and it may be installed as a
    part of other upgrades as well.

    On my machine, with three different internet connections and an
    assortment of applications using the sock, this dll posed no problems,
    except with WCNAV's Connection Manager. That is indicative of a
    software compatibility issue, not a problem with the winsock.dll itself.

    Installing w95ws2setup.exe replaces this version of the winsock.dll with
    a newer one that works with WCNAV.

    Users running Win95 who have encountered the winsock error problem, and
    who have the 42kb file on their systems should install this upgrade to
    correct the problem.

    Win98 users who do not have the 21kb file on their systems should
    replace the incorrect file, and NOT run the Win95 upgrade.


    Robert Fowler

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