From T.J. Mcmillen@1:129/305 to All on Sun Sep 5 16:06:52 2021
    Anyone know how to register this files.bbs maker?

    Here is the info I have.


    Remit to: Charles Hoeltje
    209 Saint David Drive
    Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

    ROM BUDDY is the ULTIMATE tool for creating BBS description files. ROM
    BUDDY scans directories of archived files extracts the FILE_ID.DIZ or
    DESC.SDI or the first line of the SDN.ID and writes a description file.
    ROM BUDDY can write a FMS style or one of several FILES.BBS formats,
    including a wide format for SEARCHLIGHT. ROM BUDDY will use the FILES.BBS
    when processing a CDROM directory if the FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI or
    SDN.ID does not exist. ROM BUDDY is also a great tool for BBS callers.
    It's EASY to make a list of file descriptions of any directory of files
    with ROM BUDDY.

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