From Tim Whitson@1:340/500 to All on Sat Oct 31 22:46:03 2020
    I've been playing with GameSrv from R&M Software. I used it to run all my door games on a Windows10 32bit computer. GameSrv runs the older 16 bit door games that I could not get to run under SBBS and Netfoss. I was able to get older games like Yankee Trader and Caribean Contraband to run. It was fun to set up. I had to remember my batch file commands. Luckily I had all my examples of when I ran Remote Access in the DOS days. I set up a RLOGIN log in and it passes the user names over to GameSrv from SBBS. It runs pretty seamless.
    --- SBBSecho 3.11-Win32
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