• Safe was:"New" C64 (breadbin model

    From Dave Drum@1:229/452 to Andre Medeiros on Sat Mar 6 12:26:18 2021
    Andre Medeiros wrote to Dave Drum <=-

    Stick around. When you get to be a genuine old fart you'll find that it goes faster than you'd like. Bv)=

    Wise words!

    So .... you've been eating hot dogs, McRibs and McChickens all your
    life, but don't want the vaccine because "you don't know what's in it"?

    I... uh, that's totally not what I meant!

    You said "Be safe" and getting vaccinated is part of being safe. Bv)=

    It's a meme I've been using on some nut jobs around my area who are
    preaching and carrying on about the Covid pandemic. And I thought it a
    bit clever as well as probably true - in their case(s).

    I've also told them "You may be right. Don't be dead right." They don't
    "get it." Bv)=

    ... Amiga made it possible. Commodore made it dead.

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