• Interview w/Bob of MITS part 1

    From Shane O'Neill@1:305/3 to All on Thu Jan 23 17:49:08 2020
    I posted the part 1 video of the "Interview with Bob Spencer of MITS" who was an engineer on the Altair 8800 online.

    Yesterday I was at his house and we filmed almost 3 hours of him talking
    about the Attache computer he created at MITS after working on the Altair.
    That video wont be up for a while, I still have to put part 2 of the first video up and a few others from other projects.

    The URL to it on 8-bit boyz is: https://8bitboyz.com/2020/01/22/part-1-interview-with-bob-spencer-of-mits/

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