• digits: mini-series

    From August Abolins@2:221/360 to All on Sun Sep 29 05:58:38 2019
    During a recent foray into exploring the newest info about Ed Snowden primarily because I had learned that he has published a memoir, I came across an interesting mini series called Digits. Since it is produced in 2016, some of you may have already seen it. But it's new to me, and so I thought it might be new to a few others too.

    I just finishing watching the first episode: Connecting To The Future.

    There are many interesting views of classic computers, the first piece of gear that was designed to inter-connect the different networks around the world, and other stuff like holoportation (which I had not heard about).

    The episodes are viewable on youtube.

    The recent interviews with Snowden (particularly the one on msnbc and the one on Democracy Now) are pretty good too. ;)


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