• how hard can research science be?

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    Hello Charles!

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    That makes sense. Your job still sounds pretty cushy to
    me. But we probably have different standards for what
    cushy is.

    How's this for cushy:

    This last week has intensified as people are very anxious to
    have deliveries of their Special Orders (not necessarily what
    I have in stock) arrive before Christmas. I thought that I was
    pretty much done with requests LAST friday, but people still
    came to me on Mon, Tue, and Wed to place orders! In some
    cases it is not a problem as I have a special account with one
    distributor that guarantees a delivery in 24hrs (much better
    than Amazon, btw) ..at no additional cost. But some
    distributors need about 3 or 4 days to deliver - so an order
    on Dec 18 is still feasible. So.. the "cushy story is..

    At home from about 9p to 3a, I was busy studying orders,
    consolidating where I can, checking stock, and finalizing the
    orders that can be placed online through the web services.

    Then.. after 5 hours sleep, I am back at the shop to finish
    the orders that can only be done via email and special
    resources that I only have at the shop. That took another 5
    hours - considering that I had to interrupt that with work at
    the counter, helping people with research, recommendations in
    person and on the phone, unpack and search existing deliveries
    for previous orders, and some modest chit chat.

    Doing something I enjoy would be pretty cushy to me.

    Sure, I can say that it wasn't like I *didn't" enjoy the
    above, but the work takes a lot of time and sacrifice to get
    it done (and criticism if I fail); *that* does not bode cushy.

    And at the end of it all, I can't guarantee that it will pay
    off - literally. ;)

    So, yeah.. Sometimes I feel that I would rather peer into a
    telescope and make notes. That would be cushy.

    Today, I can feel some repercussions: my back hurts. It
    usually happens after feeling a lot of stress. Considering
    the swings of stress that I endure, I'm surprised that I
    haven't developed shingles by now.

    But I have to be back at the shop at 8a tomorrow to get at
    least 2 hours of uninterrupted time to unpack some recent
    deliveries that may or may not contain some special orders of
    the previous weeks.

    Unpacking is not as simple as opening a box and sticking the
    books on the shelf. Every order needs to be checked for
    missing items, damaged items, and in many cases the books need
    to be relabled with Canadian pricing.

    Today, I learned that I was missing one box from a delivery of
    3 total. The tracking record claimed that it was delivered at
    my destination LAST WEEK! But the problem these days (due to
    Covid shit) is that the delivery guys self-sign on my behalf.
    They just drop off the boxes and leave. They don't give any
    time to check if all 3 of 3 boxes are present, for example.

    Yeah, real cushy. :/


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