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    From August Abolins@1:153/757.21 to All on Wed Jul 14 22:19:00 2021
    Hello All!

    Bitcoin millionaire launches "Freedom Phone" to "fight the Big
    tech overlords"

    Erik Finman, the youngest Bitcoin millionaire, has launched a
    UNCENSORABLE mobile device he calls "the best phone in the
    world" and that he says will take the fight to Big Tech.

    "Your data, your rules. I believe you have a voice that
    deserves to be heard without being censored. Big Tech hold a
    monopoly on public communication, dissemination of information,
    and they are abusing that power."

    The phone has its own App Store, an OS that has no app,
    keyboard or location tracking and a privacy guard that warns
    users when they're being tracked by any app or website, and
    allows them to block it.

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