• sleet/hail, electric kWh usage

    From August Abolins@1:153/757.21 to Wilfred van Velzen on Mon Apr 5 11:27:00 2021
    Hello Wilfred!

    But ofcourse.. I have the added electric + gas/heating costs to
    operate the shop. :(

    That's the business, so separate...

    Separate, but the cost comes out of the same wallet! <LOL>

    Btw: We had sleet and hail here today. Which doesn't
    happen very often in april...

    I think it was Jul 7, 2000 ..when we had a deluge of hail for
    over 20 minutes in my town.

    I had just purchased my new Rav4 the year prior. I was still in
    town whilst on my way home when the these friggin balls of ice
    were smashing my well-maintained and polished vehicle. I tried
    to seek shelter first near a tree with a bit of a canopy. Then
    I wasn't too far from a self-serve car wash, so I duck into one
    of the bays there.

    The vehicle clearly had dimples all over the hood and roof. But
    they disappeared gradually after a few months.


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