• book: to infinity and beyond

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    Presented in a pseudo magazine/textbook style with lavish
    colour illustrations..

    To Infinity and Beyond: A Journey of Cosmic Discovery |

    Neil deGrasse Tyson | Lindsey Nyx Walker

    Disney Publishing Group | National Geographic

    Science / Space Science - Space Exploration / Space Science - Cosmology / Space Science - Astronomy

    Published Sep 12, 2023

    $30.00 US / $41.00 CA list price

    "No one can make the mysteries of the universe more
    comprehensible-and fun-than Neil deGrasse Tyson. With wit,
    charm, and everyday analogies, he brings planetary science down
    to earth and principles of astrophysics within reach. In this
    entertaining book, illustrated with vivid photographs and art,
    readers travel with him through space and time, starting with
    the big bang and voyaging to the far reaches of the universe
    and beyond. Along the way, we glean facts of science, triumphs,
    and bloopers from history and pop culture-all part of a joyful
    ride through the cosmos with a wise and effervescent guide.

    "The book begins as we leave Earth and encounter new truths
    about our planet's atmosphere, the nature of sunlight, and the
    many missions that have demystified our galactic neighbors. But
    the farther out we travel, the weirder things get. What's a
    void and what's a vacuum? Is light a wave or a particle?
    Classic physics experiments intersect with iconic Hollywood
    movie scenes to explain the universe and our place in it. When
    we finally arrive in the blackness of outer space, Tyson takes
    on the spookiest phenomena of the cosmos: parallel worlds,
    black holes, time travel, and more.

    "For space enthusiasts, astrophysics brainiacs, and the
    millions who follow Tyson's podcast and social media posts,
    Cosmic Conundrums is a provocative window into the intricacies
    of the cosmos.

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