• Christian BBS list

    From George Pope@1:153/757.2 to All on Fri Jul 23 00:48:59 2021
    Just found a list of Christian BBSes.

    Yeah, it's old, but some of them might have stayed dedicated to their hobby/mission, & kept going in some form or other.

    I know the ones from here in the 604 area code are all defunct, as I was on all of them, at one time, I believe.

    The list:

    Hope this provides a good extra connection for some of yas. . .

    Let me know, please, if any still connect? (I would begin by calling using voice during daytime hours in their timezone or emailing if an email is listed)

    If you call, voice, & get the squawks, try again with your modem!

    Your friend,

    Cyberpope, Bishop of ROM
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