• I want it...

    From Kurt Weiske@1:218/700 to All on Thu Jul 15 17:37:43 2021

    A local car lot has a 1985 Mercedes 300D Turbo Diesel with 180,000 miles.

    Body is about 90% good, there's one bad ding fixed with touch-up paint and some loose rubber around one corner of the bumper. Otherwise, it's nicely straight.

    The engine is good, but "the turbo is shot". His mechanic is in Mexico for a week or two, so he's not advertising it yet.

    The upholstery is a little faded, but no tears. Carpet is faded, but clean. One small crack on the dash.

    I asked the price, the dealer said he's "asking $3000". I'm tempted to see what I could haggle him down to (most of the other cars on his lot are American SUVs)

    After having my local MBZ mechanic give it a once over, that is.

    I've always loved these cars. I'd rather have an estate model, but the prices on those are going sky high.

    I bet I could put a little work into it and flip it in a year or two for twice the price.
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