• Weekend Repairs

    From Kurt Weiske@1:218/700 to All on Sat Oct 31 12:49:00 2020
    I had a productive morning.

    My wife's Mazda CX-9 had had a front end mishap at one point, and the
    bumper fascia has popped out of the body. I found a Mazda parts site
    that sold the retainer clip, and after 30 minutes of popping plastic
    retainers, unscrewing the clip (1 8mm and 1 10mm hex-head screws, very
    odd...) and a bit of superglue, it's all back together and looking
    pretty good.

    A bit of polishing compound took care of the glaze on the headlight
    surrounds - for now. I'll need to do them properly and clear-coat them
    next time.

    I had a hole in the dashboard, and fixed it with a bit of Sugru. Took
    a 220 sanding block to it to flatten it out, followed up with a bit of
    flat black paint.

    At this point, all of the major nits when I bought the car are taken
    care of. There are a couple of light scratches that the place used
    that colored wax on that are showing through, a proper exterior
    detailing should take care of that.

    Next on my list - tires. It's currently got "H/T" tires on it, not
    sure if they'd be better than properly rated all-season tires.

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