• Best purchase ever

    From Kurt Weiske@1:218/700 to All on Wed Sep 16 08:43:00 2020
    We had a couple of stains on our furniture, and bought a Bissell steam carpet/upholstery cleaner. This is one of those smaller. more portable
    canister models, not the upright carpet cleaner. It did a number on a
    mystery stain on our kids' play room sofa, and a stain on a microfiber
    couch we had.

    I'm getting a car ready to sell, and ran it over the carpet in the
    hatch area, the carpets under the mats and the seats, and it looks
    amazing - and smells much fresher. Based on the color of the water in
    the dump tank, I know why - it came out dark!

    It's small enough to bring outside, has a flexible hose with a small
    and medium brush/applicator attachment, and it cost probably half of
    what one interior detail would have cost.

    Definitely worth looking around for one.

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