• Iphone 8

    From ALAN@1:123/140 to ALL on Sun Jun 14 10:30:00 2020


    I just got an Iphone 8.

    They claim they have better processors and other low power things and
    they don't need a big battery.

    1400 mAH.

    I am dumbfound. I was on the facebook with my Dad for half an hour.
    It just dropped to 65%.

    I have only had it down to 24%.

    Just amazing.

    They worked out some excellent battery saving stuff.

    Like stopping charging at 80% and then topping up to %100 when it
    figures out your usage pattern.

    Apple can be a touch buggy, but it small than my A8 was with better
    battery life in a small battery.

    It really does work.


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