• New gitlab.synchro.net server

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Thu Nov 10 17:53:30 2022
    The server compute system that previously housed the Synchronet CVS repository and then the Synchronet Git repository for the past 2 years has been replaced (as of November 5th) with new hardware, OS (Debian bookworm), and SSH key (sorry). All data was migrated successfully and we're still (as of right now) running the same 14.7.2 version of GitLab that was in-use before the migration. GitLab will be upgraded to the latest 15.x soon.

    This same server hosts www.synchro.net, web.synchro.net, wiki.synchro.net (on Synchronet's web server), along with ftp.synchro.net (on proFTPd), and the 5 Vertruaen-linux terminal nodes at cvs.synchro.net. The wiki software (DokuWiki) required an upgrade to its latest version for PHP8.1 compatibility, but we were overdue for an upgrade of that software anyway.

    This server is also the primary DNS server for the synchro.net domain, providing dynamic domain name services to many Synchronet BBS sysops. That migration was successful too.

    So if you use SSH for accessing the Synchronet GitLab server, you'll understand why there's now a new SSH key (it was avoidable, yes, but it was just something I missed), but if you encounter any other issues, please let me know.
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