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    From Dumas Walker@VERT/CAPCITY2 to All on Tue Nov 30 18:24:14 2021
    So, Lincoln Riley is leaving Oklahoma for USC, and Brian Kelly is rumored to be leaving Notre Dame for LSU.

    I am not sure either of those moves makes much sense.

    Riley is leaving a program that, over the past several years, has been more competitive than any in the Pac-12. He is also leaving a program that will soon be a part of the SEC for a program that has been down for 15 or so years now. Maybe he was against the move to the SEC, or is afraid that OU will never be competitive there? Maybe USC offered him more $$$ than OU ever could?

    The Kelly move makes little sense to me, either. Notre Dame has been competitive under Kelly. If he is leaving, it is for an SEC program that has been a national champion recently (2019). I would be surprised that LSU could offer more money than Notre Dame, though, and that is a hotter seat than the one he has now if you don't win, win, win all the time!


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