• phone turned off, but..

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    Hello Arelor!

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    So leave your cell phone at home. :-)


    Seriously, the phone argument gets really old. Everytime
    somebody tells me "if you are so paranoid turn off your
    phone" I happen to have the phone turned off at home.

    Blackberry (aka Research In Motion) had a feature/service that
    would ring your phone should misplace it. The interesting thing
    about that is that the phone would ring if it is turned OFF.

    The feature/service only worked at special website designed for
    that puprose. Since I use my BB as a mobile hotspot, and if the
    phone is OFF and it is misplaced, I'm screwed. But if there is
    an alternate means to access that website, then it can be

    Which makes we wonder.. did the RIM service blanket the world
    with this wake-up-ring signal? Incredible.

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