• Re: Sparky, QWK MSGing

    From paulie420@VERT/BEERS20 to Luka Novak on Wed Dec 8 11:50:00 2021
    I'm glad the troll didn't get what he wanted. According to where I read about it, the troll's been doing this for a good while. It's depressing that it took him taking the life of someone who achieved something great for him to be caught, honestly. I think swatters are truly awful people, and five years really is not enough for someone who is considered a "serial swatter" over things like Twitter handles and Instagram
    usernames. Such a person shouldn't be allowed on any social media ever again.

    It blows my mind, America... if you and I rob a liquor store, and the liquor store owner pulls out a gun and shoots ME, YOU get charged with murder.

    While I might not agree with THAT, I don't understand how this troll swatter can't be charged w/ Sparky's death. And/or maybe if the police would have SHOT Sparky it would be a different charge? I don't know - but I do know that Sparkys life ended BECAUSE of the actions of the troll...

    5 years isn't enough. Period.

  • From paulie420@VERT/BEERS20 to Digital Man on Wed Dec 8 11:51:00 2021
    The kid was an intimidating creepy punk, yeah, but I don't know about "troll". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll

    True - I used that descriptor because its the lingo that was used in most articles and the podcast I referenced in my posting...

    Really, he was a simple criminal - regardless of his age.