• I made people mad on twit

    From JIMMY ANDERSON@VERT/OTHETA to HYLIAN on Tue Oct 26 14:02:00 2021
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    Sorry, I don't know what happened to the last post... anyways...

    I tweeted about Governor Mike Parson's comment, which was the HTML is "encrypted" on the state's website, and how viewing it is tantamount to hacking. Which of coarse is a load of bull, anyone with the slightest
    bit of knowledge knows that in chromeholding the control button and pressing u will let you see the code without issue. It's not hacking.

    Anyways, because I didn't show the man to be an IT wizard, now I have haters. Fun fun.

    So are you 'cancelled' now? :-)

    ... Does the Little Mermaid wear an algaebra?
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