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    From Lord Blackfair@VERT/BLACKF to All on Thu Jul 29 17:48:23 2021
    This is probally off topic. But i will post it here so everyone can see it. Since I innitiated my Captcha program on my BBS. Its been keeping the bots out and I have not seen any attempts at seeing any scripted bots trying to logon using SSH,ROOT,ADMIN ETC...
    With the help of another sysop he made a scripted batch file that changes the captcha number every 10 minutes, so its not the same with every login. I am still working on the process of using the Randam INT, but am having problems trying to get it to work with the compare. So if anyone wishes to use it. I do have it posted for Download on Vert. and if we have any programers out there in Baja that want to help me improve it feel free to drop a line.
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