• BBS Client on an old iMac

    From Knightbbs@VERT/ENSEMBLE to Otto Reverse on Tue Jun 8 01:10:49 2021
    Re: BBS Client on an old iMac
    By: Otto Reverse to Knightbbs on Fri May 07 2021 10:00 am

    For telnet look for MacTelnet or Better Telnet 2. For serial use
    ZTerm. Probably can find them at macintoshgarden.org.

    Thank you sir for the tip:) I might dig up the iMac now for some BBS'ing fun on a true retro machine. One of the tings i'm using right now is running Syncterm on my Raspberry Pi and connecting to it over SSH Using my iPad. Its quite funky to have an "advanced" device connected to a "classic" medium , but aside from some minor glitches it works pretty darn well too :)

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