• 2034: A Novel of the Next World War

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    "Consider this another vaccine against disaster. Fortunately, this dose won't cause a temporary fever - and it happens to be a rippingly good read." -Wired

    "This crisply written and well-paced book reads like an all-caps warning for a world shackled to the machines we carry in our pockets and place on our laps . . .' -The Washington Post

    From two former military officers and award-winning authors, a chillingly authentic geopolitical thriller that imagines a naval clash between the US and China in the South China Sea in 2034and the path from there to a nightmarish global conflagration.

    2034: A Novel of the Next World War | Hardcover
    Elliot Ackerman | James Stavridis
    Penguin Publishing Group | Penguin Press
    Fiction / Political / War & Military / Thrillers - Political
    Published Mar 9, 2021
    $27.00 US / $36.00 CA

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