• Amibench 2

    From Neil Williams@39:136/1 to All on Fri Jul 11 21:58:10 2008

    Something for some discussion perhaps..

    I never really got over Amibench closing. I load the (still active) listing pages occasionally from force of habit.

    I took a look at Amibay.com today after reading some hype and was disappointed to find that it was yet another phpBB forum. I was expecting "eBay on the cheap".

    I'm wondering if there is some scope for a real amibench replacement with the addition of actually placing bids and offering management of the sales process. Ebay is a mess these days, so I can see scope beyond just Amiga kit.

    My main worry is fraud and being held liable somehow from hosting such a thing. I have some ideas on implementing it as a closed system - requiring proof of identity to join. It would never attract millions of users like that but on the other hand it would be ideal for highly priced items.

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