• Complete Collection from the BS1 Cracker Group!

    From fU@39:170/8001 to All on Sat Jan 13 23:01:29 2018
    Some weeks ago first tweets popping up at the Retro-Scene that someone was
    able to get the collection of an hackergroup.

    The group is called Bamiga Sector One (short BS1) and was in the 1990s a very active wide spreaded cracker group in the Amiga-Scene.

    I bet everyone who ownes an amiga back in the day had one or more disks in
    his floppycase with a game cracked by this guys.

    In Belgium, nowdays, a car was full packed with boxes. The content: The Collection of the BS1 Group. Almost forgotten on a attic from a former member and now thankfully recoverd by the AmigaClub Belgium.

    Simon is now taking action on all this stuff. We're talking here about a hugh amount of disks. What means hugh exactly?

    About 75 Boxes and estimated more than 10.000 Disks!

    What happend to all the stuff?

    Great to have a very sharing community in the Retro-Scene these Days (and according to the spirit of BS1 also thendays....) All the software will be ripped into .adf image files, zipped and uploaded to the AmigaClub.BE

    You want more RetroStyle? Here we go!

    The BlackICE BBS has an extra Sub-Area inside the Amiga-Download section created. The Sysop offers the same content as the website with one exception. The Single-Title-Section. Here you can browser and download all files from
    the cleaned packs.

    But be aware! Yes it's the almost biggest collections of games ever, but it
    was a cracking group. If a virus hijacks your Amiga don't blame us.

    Stop talking! Who i can get the Stuff?!

    Dial the BlackICE BBS with an Terminal-Programm like SyncTERM (for IBM machines) or a similar programm for your Amiga and call BlackICE.BBSindex.com:23 via Telnet. The BBS supports ANSI for full retro-experience!

    You can create fast an account or have a look with one of the guest-accounts. At the File-Area you will fast found the Amiga-Section. Inside there you can enter the sub-area fresh created and filled with the first files from the BS1 collection.

    Keep looking for the next weeks. There are just 20% of all stuff online at
    the BBS and on the Website.

    Oh yes the website! The Website of the Belgian Amiga Club can be found unter the URL: www.amigaclub.be

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