• New BBS System Online

    From Rudi Timmermans@39:150/624.50 to All on Fri Oct 28 06:38:33 2011
    Hi All,

    From the begin off this week the Home Development off AmiBinkd / GUI mailer system has put a BBS System online Down Of Etermity.

    You will be able to download all Software made by me.

    If you will like to take have a look on Down Of Etermity you can Telnet to my System on amibinkd.dyndns.org:5432

    I hope see you there. :-)


    Rudi Timmermans.

    --- Spot 1.3b #1470
    * Origin: Down Of Etermity - amibinkd.dyndns.org:5432 (39:150/624.50@AmigaNet)