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    From Wilfred van Velzen@39:150/200 to All on Thu Aug 7 19:34:23 2008

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    Bye, Wilfred.

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    does LAME still compile on Amiga platform, or can we drop Amiga
    support from LAME now?

    Ciao Robert

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  • From Benny Pedersen@39:14/0 to Wilfred van Velzen on Sun Aug 10 03:36:36 2008
    Hello Wilfred!

    07 Aug 08 19:34, Wilfred van Velzen wrote to All:

    Forwarded from the lame developers mailing list...

    why did you do this ? :)

    when gcc exists for m68k there is no excusse to make lame more bad

    aand why drop lame amiga support, hmm makes alot of sense, not

    when will microsoft drop dos ? :)

    Regards Benny

    ... there can only be one way of life, and it works :)

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