• Old confmail for Amiga

    From Steve Palm@39:902/505 to All on Tue Dec 18 09:54:42 2018
    This is a strange request, but... :)

    WAY back in the day, maybe 1988-1989 or so, I can't remember, I set up a FidoNet point system (1:154/8.11 I think) on my Amiga. I think it may have been one of the first, but maybe not. It was, amongst other things, eventually referred to as the Siberian Amiga if I recall, being in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

    I remember having gotten ahold of the Confmail sources for Amiga back at that time and making mods to get it to work properly, using Lattice C.

    I have no equipment from my days back then, or disks or backups. I have since tried to find a copy of that old souce code, becuase I know I passed it on to someone to keep working on it.

    If anyone would have a copy, just for nostalgia, I'd like to get it.

    I'm writing this on an Amiga 1200 via WiModem232 and loving the feeling of reliving the experience.

    Thanks if anyone can help. :)
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