• Re: SX-64 Whine

    From Frank Linhares@39:905/0 to Wilfred van Velzen on Mon Dec 16 22:30:19 2019

    On Tuesday December 10, 2019, Wilfred Van Velzen said to Frank Linhares...

    The first thing I would do is (visually) check the capacitors. Bad
    ones are easy to spot. And are the first things to go in old devices

    CRTs are a bit different than your run of the mill PCB, Caps are far and few
    as they tend to use flybacks to generate their power.

    I have replaced more than my fair share of caps on my Amigas and C64s. I
    wish that was the issue.

    It turned out to be a bad ground. The outlet I happened to use had an open ground. The minute I moved the SX over to another outlet whos ground was properly wired, the hum was no more.

    I wish everything was this easy to fix.

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