• Modem's and VOIP

    From Stephen Walsh@39:901/280 to All on Sun Jan 19 10:14:03 2014
    Hello everybody.

    Does anyone have any experiance with getting a modem going on a voip setup?

    I have found my two USR modem's (The courier's not to healthy, but the sportster works), and thought about seeing if I could break anything here.

    When atemptinmg to make a connection, the modem's do all the normal stuff but wont connect. I have tryed to set the connection speed to 2400bps..

    I do have access to change some voip settings:

    Voice Codec: G.729 20ms, G.729 40Ms, G.711A 20ms (current setting), G.711A 30ms, G.711A 40ms, G.726 20ms, G.726 40ms

    I would use a normal landline, but I'm not going to pay telstra $300 for a new line and $22+ per month line rental.

    Been doing the testing with a old P4 2.4Ghz, 512mb ram, MS-DOS 6.22 and Telix...

    Anyone got any idea's?


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