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    From Stephen Walsh@39:901/280 to All on Wed May 6 11:56:02 2015
    ll out.

    * (L) Large On/Off. Expand paddle.

    * (T) Time. 1 minutes extra playing time.

    To play the game you use a joystick plugged into port 2, or a paddle and
    the Fire button to release the ball.

    The game can also be played with a Paddle. To use the paddle you must have
    it plugged into port 1, too. You can use WinVICE with Alt Q to capture the mouse from your computer and emulating a paddle (I never tested this but
    did play on a real machine).

    The music is quite cool, very retro classical, if that's a proper phrasing
    to use. It reminds me of how really big music in classic games used to be, where you spent more time listening to the music than the game. The music would better suit a Tetris-style game rather than this but ...

    Some very nice synth-style lead lines and a cool feel. Quite excellent.

    The game itself is responsive and I like the scrolling down of the
    background behind the blocks, and just adds a touch of class. Also, when
    you start the game or after losing a life the music fades out and in again, just adding something to the game. It's nothing much, but each of these
    small details adds up, making the game stand out.

    What would have been really good... if you picked up a bonus like faster
    and the music sped up, or a bonus of slower and the music slowed down, but
    I suppose we can't have everything, can we?

    The in-game graphics look rather plain. A static ball glides around,
    bouncing into rather bleak rectangular blocks. Some sort of animation is really needed with some lighting effects - you know - like "Arkanoid:
    Revenge of DOH" the game as is seems more reminiscent of the original "Arkanoid".

    It's a decent enough version, but I personally think it needs a bit more graphical Pizazz, and sonically it's very sound.



    Graphics: 6/10
    Sounds: 8/10
    way cool tunes
    Gameplay: 7/10
    it's an ok version
    Overall: 7/10


    A decent enough version just needing
    a little more detail on the graphics

    By Commodore Free

    Code: Endurion of Avatar, RGCD Music: Twoflower of TRIAD Graphics: David Eriksson

    www.georg-rottensteiner.de/files/Penultimate Fantasy RGCD.zip

    Quite interesting this one ...

    So you control what looked like a small yellow bird was my first thought!

    This is A Final Fantasy clone.


    Evil ravages the land and has stolen the four elemental crystals. Fight,
    level up, find your comrades and fight the four bosses to free your land.
    Use your technics, find where and what to steal, learn techs (there's only
    two though) and gather magic spells. If you get defeated, you continue.
    All your stats, items, and deeds are still there so you don't lose

    You walk about with the joystick. Pushing the Fire button to enter a menu, where you can use items or magic from your inventory, change equipment,
    examine surroundings (and toggle switches), or return to the game. Every
    few steps you'll have what seem to be random encounters.

    Using EXAM on a bed or a spring will revive and fully heal the complete
    party during a battle the time bars slowly fill. Once a time bar is full
    the character can choose an action to perform. FIGHT attacks with your
    weapon, SPECIAL depends on the character, MAGIC lets you use spells and
    ITEM lets you use an item. In battle, during target selection for spells, pushing right on a player will select the whole player party, pushing left
    on a single enemy selects all enemies. This only works where the spells
    allow this (attack magic and cure spells).


    STEAL - tries to steal an item from an enemy. Not every enemy has an item,
    and not every steal attempt is successful. Some rare items can only be
    gotten by stealing

    TECH - use STUDY to learn a tech from an enemy. There are only two
    technics, but they are quite powerful. Not every enemy has a technic to
    study, and not every study attempt is successful.

    JUMP - Lets the character perform a long jump. The jump keeps the
    character out of the battle for three turns and attacks the targeted enemy afterwards. This can be useful to avoid being hit.

    MIMIC - Uses randomly one of the chosen enemies attack against himself


    * HERBS replenishes 50 HP
    * ETHER replenishes 50 MP
    * FENIX DOWN revives a character
    * ANTIDOTE cures poisoning


    Try to get all magic spells and equipment. Also, gather your comrades as
    soon as possible. Bosses appear when stepping on a certain tile in the
    map. They have certain elemental resistances and weaknesses. Your
    characters will be killed, so keep RAISE handy! Once you have all four crystals you need to return them

    The game is played viewed from that strange top down side pseudo type style that's neither one thing nor the other, however for this game it seems to
    work well (even if it doesn't make everything look flat).

    Pressing Fire brings up this menu:

    Here you can look at Items or your equipment, examine an item or return to
    the game. Move the joystick to move the hand over the "thing" you want to
    do and press Fire, then further information (if any) will be given. I have found that if you approach an item from a different angle and then examine
    it again, you may find it does actually have something hidden within it!
    And let's just say that fighting with a knife is more enjoyable than
    fighting without one (in this game).

    When you start to fight the music changes to a more racy pace. It's not a
    game I would actually go out and look for, but this one works quite well
    and the control system seems very intuitive, so all I think that's left is
    to give some scores.

    As I said it's not a game I would actively go out and hunt out to play, and
    the 16k limitation means that the map isn't going to be as large as you
    would think. Still, I found the game playable, although didn't feel any
    urge to actually stick with it and finish. I just kept dabbling then
    looking for something else to try .


    Graphics: 6/10
    Music: 6.5/10
    Gameplay: 7/10
    Overall: 7/10

    By Commodore Free

    Released by: Mayday!


    csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/135346/TuttiFrutti64_MYD.zip csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/135363/TuttiFrutti64.crt

    The zip file contains a read me and the source code.


    You are super strawberry, king of the orchard, in this fast moving
    all-action arcade game. Your job is to collect all the cherries from the orchard, as they are now ripe and it's fruit-picking time. But beware, not
    all the fruit is good fruit, and there are bad apples in the orchard which
    can fall on you and make you very ill, so try not to get underneath them.
    Also in the orchard are the acid apple gang who are determined to stop a
    good harvest by fair means or foul.

    The programmer has written:


    Apple fall slowdown when having 2 or more apples fall and running from left
    to right

    On player death half-tiles stayed on screen, Cherry score was already
    counted when "collecting" half of the cherry

    Add points to Score as level reward failing most of the time (at least from
    the disassembly I assume scoring was planned like I implemented it in this version)


    Moving chests/boxes in Game type 3 will disappear from map on player death,
    but still be visible on screen. Fixing here would have influenced the gameplay. While it would have been nice to avoid that the solid apple
    tiles can get erased, allowing the moving boxes to finish their moves on
    player death would also have meant they could kill enemies. This seems logical, but it would influence the enemy counter and create a big
    difference to the original.

    Enemies are allowed to walk over tiles blocking the enemy base. Because of hard sprites this looks a bit weird in the C64 version, but overall it's
    still more logical than in the original where those tiles get erased from screen, but not from the map.


    Based on the Commodore 16/plus4 version that was released by Mr. Chip
    Software back in 1985, retro gamer lists Tutti Frutti for the Commodore 16
    as one of the machine's top ten games, which in its case was a clone of the arcade Mr Doo! (well clone is a bit strong, more like an artistic,
    unlicensed version of) to be fair, after about level 3 its similarities
    WITH Mr Doo seem to start fading.

    Anyway, moving on from that intro you can see the plus 4/16 version here:


    The conversion to the c64 looks very close indeed, although the plus 4/16
    seems to be faster, so In this version of the game you are a Strawberry!
    You must collect the cherries while avoiding the green apples. You can go
    over the landscape in a sort of mining-style, excavating away the soil to
    get to the cherries. The green things can only walk along the mined areas,
    so as you dig more away... so they can move more?! Is anyone still
    following this?

    You have the ability to throw a small ball; this kills the green things on contact. It also bounces all around the mined areas like a random bouncing thing that bounces around mined areas; however, more often than not it will bounce around and come back to you without killing any green things. Phew! ...that's simple then.

    Later levels expand on this idea, where you have to push blocks of cherries
    to squash green things and then break the blocks to get the cherries. It's
    all very odd and could possibly be a dream and not a real game at all.
    Still, having never played it on the plus4/16 I downloaded a copy, and it
    does indeed run faster and look almost identical, even down to the music (albeit with the SID on the C64, Ted on the plus4) it's an accurate

    Let's score it before I wake up then:


    Graphics: 6/10
    looks like the original but...
    Sounds: 6/10
    original sound track reproduced
    Gameplay: 6/10
    starts to get rather weird
    Overall: 6/10


    Too late! I woke up


    By Commodore Free


    Code & Music: Asterion
    GFX & Add. Code: Trompkins
    Flavour Text: Tinnitus

    As the game loads and the music kicks in, I sat and I was going to
    criticize the music for not following what you would class as authentic druid-style sounds, as these are more synth-like. I felt it would be, you know, like a flute and drum-style intro with maybe some fanfare trumpets,
    but listening to the music for some time, what the heck do I know! It
    actually goes really well with the game, especially when the pipes come in
    and the thunder sound effect pumping out like a drum is really very atmospheric, very unusual and interesting music indeed. However, it can
    get a bit monotonous, but heck - I had to play this at night with
    headphones on, as I had no other reviewing time other than nights. The
    game took some reviewing as well, as you know this isn't my style of game,
    I prefer just to move and shoot things.

    Having to crack open the text file manual that came with the game, I
    started to read and transport myself into another realm! Yep, you do need
    to read the text file. I don't think you can just pick it up and play it,
    so you will have to set some time aside before playing. I also think you really need more than one player, so maybe it's a good time to Google up
    some friends, as you can have a maximum of 4 (in the game).

    So, Battle Khaos II is a multiplayer strategic war game that is inspired by
    the games like MAGIC: THE GATHERING, DARK LEGIONS, and also Julian
    Gollop's CHAOS - The Battle of Wizards. The goal is to kill the enemy
    wizards. This is done mainly by casting sorceries and also by summoning various creatures and sending them off to fight.

    You will know yourself if this is your type of game. It's quite absorbing
    and seems to have been well-written.


    Graphics: 6/10
    they don't need to be special
    Sounds: 7/10
    interesting music
    Gamepay: 7/10
    Overall: 7/10

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