• Commodore Free Magazine, Issue 87 - Part 5

    From Stephen Walsh@39:901/280 to All on Wed May 6 11:55:58 2015
    ics with adjustable mass.

    * Built-in particle system to simulate various effects like fireworks.

    * Morphing capabilities in the animation system.

    * Spline animation controls also has advanced rendering features like
    motion blur, multiple pass supersampling, lens flares, 32-bit colour
    support and a highly optimised 68k rendering engine. It also support
    multiple 3D formats such as: Aladdin 4D, Lightwave3D, GEO, EPS, DEM, Draw4D-Pro and Draw4D, 3D Studio for either loading or loading and saving. Image Formats supported for loading and saving: IFF/ILBM (palette mapped
    and 24-bit formats), JPEG and Video Toaster Framestores. In addition
    supports exchange of data with ImageFX, Amiga Lightwave 3D/Video Toaster,
    World Construction Set and all programs that support Nova Design's "Magic" protocol for buffer sharing. The latest version runs on any Amiga platform
    or an emulated one, like Amiga Forever, UAE (including WinUAE & E-UAE),
    Pegasos or Mac Mini G4 systems running MorphOS.

    Trevor Dickinson, A-EON's co-founder commented on the latest addition to A-EON's growing software catalogue. "The purchase of underlines our
    commitment to deliver more software content for the Amiga platform. Expect
    to see more titles added in the future." DiscreetFX CEO, Bill Panagouleas, added, "Although I'm sad to see it go, I know it is in a safe pair of hands
    and look forward to A-EON continuing its rich heritage."




    Available from AmigaKit.com and as a digital download on AMIStore App Store
    for AmigaOS.

    amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/ easynet.php

    EasyNet Pro is a TCP/IP stack solution for your classic Amiga helping you
    join the internet and add your Amiga to networks in order to share files
    with other computers.

    * Network Configuration GUI- setup the network quickly

    * Interface Configuration Utility- select network devices fast and
    configure them without fuss

    * Hosts Manager- front end to allow you to easily manage your Amiga's
    network hosts list

    * SMB-Connect Integration- allows you to connect to SMB network shares
    quickly and easily

    * VNC Support- allows you to connect, view and control other network hosts

    * Wireless Network Configuration Utility- straight forward modification of
    the Wi-Fi settings on your Amiga

    * Context Sensitive Help & AmigaGuide documentation

    * Router presets for: Conexant, D-Link, Netgear, Belkin, Linksys

    * I.S.P. presets

    * Live Update for downloading latest version of the program

    * Supports many Amiga network devices (see below)

    * bsdsocket v4 compatible, based on AMITCP v4 under licence from NSDi.


    If you own the standard version of EasyNet, you can upgrade to EasyNet Pro
    at a discounted rate by selecting Upgrade from EasyNet in the product page.
    You must also include your original serial number for validation in the
    order comments- without this your upgrade cannot be shipped to you.


    EasyNet Pro supports the following Amiga SANA-II network devices:

    3c589.device, prism2.device, cnet.device, FastEthernet.device,
    x-surf.device, rtl_8139pci.device, MediatorNET.device, usbasixeth.device, usbpegasus.device, ioblixether.device, hydra.device, dm9601eth.device, x-surf-100.device, plipbox.device


    * Memory: 1MB available RAM

    * AmigaOS version 2, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.5 or 3.9 supported

    * CDROM drive or another suitable method of transferring CD contents to

    * Suitable network adapter


    A collection of money for Altivec Mplayer optimization has been proposed
    and there is a programmer for it. But he needs 805 Euro for the

    + PayPal fee for receiving money (1.9% + 0.35 EUR) 15.65 Euro + 10%
    withdrawal fee if this bounty should be fail

    www.bountysource.com/teams/amigaos41/fundraiser www.amigans.net/modules/xforum/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6723&forum=25

    * it is risk for all Altivec owners, no guarantee of a speed advantage

    * goal is that Prometheus h 264 1920x1080 works on a X1000

    * goal is speed advantage on PAT6

    * goal is speed advantage on every Altivec Amiga like G4

    * goal is speed advantage on G5 (MorphOS)

    * OpenScource



    We are happy to announce the release of the new full and update installers
    of AmiKitReal!

    Free download available at: real.amiga.sk/

    Now including new programs like Rainboot v3.2, so now you can boot with a progress bar and select among eight configurations plus a random one, a new MorpheuZ with different images, voices and options, the Renegades Deluxe
    game, Cooper-Demon, a new IconMaker program by James Stalham to create your
    own icons or ScreenText by Thomas Rapp to welcome you with some info on

    With this update we are introducing two programs that are under
    development. MUI 4 is installed by default but you can revert to the 3.8 version using MorpheuZ, and the new DOpus 5.91 can also be installed with
    the help of MorpheuZ.

    Five more booting voices by DJNick that will play randomly when you boot,
    new wallpapers and patterns and many other improvements for example in the
    User Menu (Magellan) to directly edit the Startup-Sequence or User-Startup, updates like NetsurfAGA, changes on some preferences or a "Better Config" program on Tools that will let you use a "Top config" on WinUAE or powerful Amiga with just a click. Seven Icon-Scripts have been created to launch
    some radio streams with a double click or directly from a new dock on

    The update installer will also update the Mattahan's Icons Set for those
    that are using it, and I am releasing also a 16 Colours Ken's Icons pack
    that will use 32 colours for each one (16+16) instead of the 512 they
    normally use, and that will mean a huge boost on the icon's speed.

    Many thanks to Thomas Rapp for his great help with many options of the
    update, update of his ScreenText program or small scripts to run a lot of options, Dan Wood for sharing his Radio stream scripts, Andreas Falkenhahn
    for his Rainboot program and help, DJNick for his booting voices, Thilo
    Köhler for his help with ImageConverter, James Stalham for his new
    IconMaker program and Ken Lester for sharing his own scripts to create
    icons. Also thanks to Neil Kafferkey for the new Prism2V2, to M.C.
    Battilana and AmigaKit for sharing Personal Paint 7.1c. Thanks to
    Kycer/CSG for ksc_TotalReset and finally a great Thanks to Wayne Ashworth
    and Kevin Darbyshire for the update of the Renegades Deluxe game.

    Have fun!


    Amiga Mania Announced

    We're extremely proud to announce that our latest issue is available.

    The 8th release of our mag is still available only in Hungarian version,
    but we think that if not for any other reason than just showing our
    enthusiasm it deserved to be mentioned here.

    The online version can be reached here:


    The link for the PDF free download will be available later this weekend.

    Now we'll continue our work for the next release...

    NEW KICKSTART 3.9.1 68K

    A new version of the Amiga Kickstart is in development.

    For More information click here : leblogdecosmos.blogspot.fr/p/kickstar t-391-eng.html

    BETA 1:

    * Some bugs 3.1 and 3.9 found and fixed
    * Integrated IntAckFix
    * Special code 060 for the adapter integrated FPU 040/060
    * No more annoying clicks from the floppy drive
    * Integrated KingCON v40.4
    * Integrated Rpp v1.2
    * Some patches from SetPatch v44.38 integrated
    * Integrated BlazeWCP v1.74
    * Integrated AmyWarp v1.01
    * Integrated IconBeFast v1.16
    * Integrated WinSpeed v1.0
    * Small waiting ignition integrated for rapid accelerator cards
    * Integrated RsrvWarm
    * Integrated RsrvCold
    * Integrated MCPRamlibPatch v1.1


    BETA 2:

    * Now 1 Mb with two blocs of 512 Kb

    * Added workbench.library 45.135

    * Added icon.library by Peter Keunecke

    * exec.library a little bit enhanced

    * Added a decrunch subroutine

    * All patch from SetPatch included

    * Now SetPatch is only required for loading the 68040/68060.library

    * ram-handler 44.23 removed

    * shell 45.27 removed

    * Put back ram-handler 39.4 from the Kickstart 3.1

    * Put back shell 40.2 from the Kickstart 3.1



    The Mediator Multimedia CD 2.3 update is available for registered users of
    all Mediator models.

    The update includes a new versions of:

    * pci.library (ver. 9.10)
    * Radeon.card (ver. 2.20)
    * Voodoo.card (ver. 4.34)
    * MedConfig (ver. 2.0)

    The pci.library ver. 9.10 includes new procedures for allocation of the
    DMA buffers for PCI cards working in the busmaster mode. New software
    improves timings of the PCI busmaster cards (Spider, SB4.1, SB128, FM801,
    TV tuner, FastEthernet) during their accesses to the DMA buffers located in
    the SDRAM/SGRAM memory of the PCI GFX card. New software should solve
    issues of same SB128 cards in the Radeon based configurations.

    In the new version of the MedConfig script the support for RadeonMemOS, VoodooMemOS and SpiderBuf variables has been added. New RadeonMemOS and VoodooMemOS variables allow to control the function which adds a part of
    GFX card SDRAM/SGRAM memory to the Amiga system memory.

    Information on the current versions is available in the DOWNLOADS elbox.com/downloads_mediator.html

    Elbox homepage is here elbox.com/index.php


    Fractals For SketchBlock plugin for SketchBlock.

    Existing Customers can download it now webplus.broad.ology.org.uk/fractals/

    Fractals for SketchBlock, enables you to create and animate Fractal based designs in full colour.


    Theming: if SketchBlock Lite has been purchased from AmiStore, Fractals
    for SketchBlock will adopt the current theme.

    Smoothing: Iteration based colouring modes can now be smoothed, giving
    even transition between colours.

    Repeating Palette Mode: This new colouring mode uses one colour from the palette for each iteration step, giving greater control by allowing the
    user to create their own colour transitions. Works best with longer
    palettes with gradual colour changes (unless you want a stripey look :-) ).

    If you haven't already bought Fractals or SketchBlock you can buy it here


    for just £5.00, or take advantage of the convenience of buying from

    CALIMERO 0.2

    Carsten 'pegasossigi' Siegner has just released Calimero 0.2, the future
    native word processor for MorphOS.


    * Export to eBooks, pdf and html;
    * Import/export to amigaguide, odt and txt;
    * Import from doc;
    * Create whole homepages (+ upload to http server...);
    * Printing (postscript);
    * Add Pictures.

    Download: world-of-amiga.eu/download/Calimero_0.2.lha

    Visit pegasossigi website. world-of-amiga.eu/

    Don't hesitate to support Carsten in this project participating to the dedicated bounty available at www.warmup-asso.org.


    * TextEdit-MUI-Class 100 % finished
    * Memory-management system 100% finished
    * Pagehandler + window 100% finished
    * Support of Hyperlinks 100% finished
    * Meta-Data Handler + window 100% finished
    * AmigaGuide Exportmodul 100% finished
    * MUI-GUI 99% finished
    * Clipboard handler 100% finished
    * Add contextmenu to textedit class


    * Multipage handling ( Per default 100 pages per document)

    * User settable Memory Usage. (no OWB like memory usage)

    * 50% of WYSIWYG AmigaGuide Editor finished. Saving of guides are

    * Simple text import/export

    * insert text files into text

    * Speedup char inserting

    * Speedup page handling (Very fast page selecting)

    * 100% Unicode Usage !! (NO MORE ASCII and FONTPAGES!!!!)

    * Many, many Shortcuts (page up, page down, cursor left, cursor right...)

    * Left-hand/Right-hand marking

    * copy/cut/paste work over menu, contextmenu, and shortcuts (CTRL+C/Amiga+C ,R-CTRL+C, R-Amiga+C...


    AmigaKit announced that the new PCMCIA Right Angled Adapter amigakit. leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_i nfo.php?products_id=690 for Amiga
    1200 or 600 is now in available and in stock.

    AmigaKit had numerous requests for the product from customers and in
    commitment to supplying new Classic Amiga hardware, we have managed to
    locate the rare components and put a new design into manufacture. This is
    a limited production run.


    SAKU 2014

    Finnish Amiga Users Group's Saku 2014 event was held recently in Tampere, Finland, with an estimated 200-300 visitors.

    Highlight of the event was Petro Tyschtschenko's (Commodore/Amiga International) and Michael Battilana's (Cloanto) speech, other interesting guests, such as the theatre director and writer Jotaarkka Pennanen, who was
    one of the very first Amiga owners in Finland. He continued utilizing
    Amigas both personally and professionally all the way up to the Amiga 4000.

    Not only were Amiga and Commodore machines on display but also Sinclair,
    Atari, Salora, MSX compatibles etc...

    Videos like walkthroughs, Saku 2014 time-lapse and speeches can be found on
    our YouTube channel. www.youtube.c om/user/suomenamigakayttajat

    Official event page saku.bbs.fi/yhdistys/tapahtumat/saku2014/index.html

    also contains links to other photo reports and blogs.


    Could you review games for Commodore Free?

    I am looking for an Amiga Games reviewer, as you see I don't have time to review Amiga games. I am ok with the 8-bit stuff, but find I have no time
    to look at Amiga games. As this magazine is supposed to cover all
    Commodore machines, you may feel the Amiga is neglected and have a flair
    for reviewing the latest releases. No monetary rewards are offered and you will need to source the game files yourself, but I can offer you short deadlines and long work hours.


    Then why not Contact me at:


    By Michael Braisher

    following my last appearance in issue 83.

    Today we take in a little more Commodore emulation. Especially with VICE's MIDI support and such, there's been no better time to marry all options.
    Also, I'm reminded how studio pros mourned the death of talent with the
    advent of electronic machines, particularly by the '80's. 'Just press a
    button and out comes music', a complaint often justified, mind you.

    Yes, equipment can make people lazy but it also liberates us dilettantes.
    After all, if you can only get your clumsy claws around a Band Hero
    controller or sound-to-MIDI tool like Melodyne, for whistling in your tunes
    to notation, then why not use the tools to get yourself on disk, too?

    So let's get down to cases.

    Commodore 64 and PC: SID WIZARD - A sweet step/real-time sequencer I also
    use to convert MIDI files to SID. And it does a brill

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