• Commodore Free Magazine, Issue 87 - Part 2

    From Stephen Walsh@39:901/280 to All on Wed May 6 11:55:55 2015
    cept by Hurrican/VD



    Released by: Brainstorm this is a basic demo following on from Calculate
    it, some quite nice effects in this Demo.

    Worthy of a download and listing

    csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/136613/calculate ii - brs.prg


    csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/136612/twist it - vd.prg

    Using a joystick in port two, you have to press Fire and move coloured characters to form 3 or more in a row.

    You have a limited number of moves after which the game finishes.

    Written in BASIC and with no sound, this is an interesting game. I think
    some sort of compiler would have helped the speed, as it's quite slow, but playable.


    csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/136610/longer ii - brains.prg

    Ermmmm you enter a number from 1 to 5 to wee out that amount of beer and
    try to hit a toilet.

    It's as good as it looks really.


    RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2014 Competition



    Contains information about the last RGCD 16k Cartridge competition, with
    the results and people commenting on the game entries, Very nicely coded magazine, lovely font and music.



    After 63 bids the auction ended with a Euro 20,050 price tag or $22,793.84. This item was listed with a serial number of 22, so it makes you wonder how many of these there were. I just wished Commodore had released this
    machine to the public. I would have been at the shops straight away with
    cash in-hand ready to buy one, although I don't think the family budget
    would have covered this auction price.

    FIRMWARE V0.10.4

    Princess C64SD v3.0 is new firmware available. The changes in this version are: Improvements for the VICE VIC emulation and reading tapes of the VIC
    PAL. And there is a new XF5 option to avoid problems with VICE dumps.


    * IEC - 1541 Disk Drive emulation with all functionalities of sd2iec latest firmware

    * Compatible with all Commodore models of the classic series (C64 all
    models, C128, C128D, VIC20, VC20 etc.) and 264 series (Plus/4-C16)

    * Works on NTSC model too, including tape functions

    * Reads TAP files from SD Card into Commodore computer with possibility to
    set a tape rewind point in real-time

    * Writes TAP files from SD Card to Real C2N Datasette (1530, 1531 or
    compatible models) to recreate damaged cassette

    * Grabs cassette content using C2N or compatible datasette and creates a
    .TAP file (All commodore 8 bit from VIC-20 included onward, TAP Version 1
    and 2)

    * High precision digital TAP emulation for all TAP functions, no need to
    setup volume or any parameter - TAP digital sound monitor

    * Full emulation of datasette motor line, no need to guess the pauses while loading, works like a real datasette

    * Datassette pass-through connection. Allows to keep datasette connected without having to remove the card from Commodore computer

    * Disk Drive daisy chain possibility (card can be connected at the same
    time as other real disk drives) - Fully supported by FB (CBM File browser)
    can read TAP files just selecting them in a menu and pressing Enter key

    * Disk functions can be disabled to load protected tape images



    From: Jordan Rubin
    To: commodorefree@commodorefree.com

    Hello, I've released my software today to control Ham radios from the Commodore64 using the Vertex standard CAT protocol. More information may
    be found in the link provided. If you have any questions, feel free to
    email me.


    Thank you,
    Jordan Rubin

    The website reads:

    After much work, the first version of commodore 817 is available for
    download. At this stage, testing has been completed. The test log and
    status is at the bottom of the page.

    The running main program takes up only 3299 bytes, staying within my goal
    of under 4K. Other smaller areas of memory deal with Disk/Printer I/O and uncrunching. This was written in assembly using Relaunch64 and Tass64. On actual hardware this was testing using the Glink232 on a stock C64 with an MPS-801 printer


    Released by: Kabuto Factory

    "Zombi Terror" is an adventure game, divided in two parts, where you can
    move through the different locations and make special actions by the
    options displayed on screen, and with a "battle system" based on "dice
    rolling" just like some rpg-board games. In addition to the games
    graphics, there is a professionally composed audio soundtrack to add an
    ambient feel to the game while you're playing (in a similar way to the
    "Deus ex Machina" game by Mel Croucher). This soundtrack will be available
    in mp3 for downloading.

    "Zombi Terror" is available for free download for the Spectrum, C64, MSX,
    ZX81, Windows PC and Sega Megadrive. Also, available are physical copies
    in a Special Edition cassette for Spectrum and the Commodore 64 (at 7€ plus shipping costs) and CD for PC and Sega MegaCD (at 4.50€ plus shipping),
    also coming soon in disk formt for the MSX. Coming soon, it'll be
    available for Android, Amstrad CPC and more...

    kabutofactory.altervista.org/index.php/juegos/10-los-buenos/20-zombi-terro r-todas-las-versiones

    CONTACT V2.0


    Released by: Boray is a nice little joystick testing application for the Commodore 64.

    I am unsure where the bench marking comes into it. Having tested my
    joystick through 4 rounds, I presume it's the timing of the stick
    movements, anyway it proves that my joystick was working in both ports.


    Developed for the Commodore 64 home computer, ROCKET SMASH EX is an
    extended version of Saul Cross and John Christian Lønningdal's ROCKET
    SMASH, released in 2013 as an entry in RGCD's annual 16KB gamedev

    Your goal is simple; on each of the single-screen levels you must
    re-assemble and refuel your crashed rocket ship before your oxygen runs
    out. However, the hordes of fearsome aliens and deadly meteor showers on
    each planet will ensure that your mission is far from easy!


    * Rockets! Aliens! Meteors! Lasers!
    * Story and pure arcade 'loop' game modes!
    * Three difficulty levels!
    * Cut scenes!
    * A hidden game!



    Hot Style is a polish diskette magazine for Commodore C64 users.

    In this edition of the magazine are:

    RetroKomp 2014, Satellite & Kindergarden 2000 and Stary Piernik 9. The
    SID's in this edition are: Crystal, End of Death, Exit, Hot Style,
    Moonlight, No Idea, Second Time and Short Track.

    Download the D64 here:



    Released recently by: Afterlife, Underground Domain Inc.

    This is a Disk magazine about Spreading and the latest NTSC news



    Recently Released by: Iceout

    Melting Trail - Documents

    By Charles Grey December 2014

    Melting Trail is a 2k minigame released on Christmas Day 2014. The object
    is to move as long as possible without hitting a solid square or your own trail. The already covered area will "melt" over time allowing you to use
    that part of screen again. Hitting a solid square will end the game. The melting pattern is diagonally down-to-right. Remember that you can exit
    the borders of the field and reappear on the other side.

    Every 300 moves the level will increase. The melt rate will decrease a
    little and there will be a slight speed up. The game is designed to be challenging but not impossible. There are 15 levels of challenge which
    then reset back to 1.


    * Joystick in port #2 or use the keys W/A/S/D/SPACE. BUTTON/SPACE to start
    the game.

    * On high score entry, up/down to select letter, left/right to move cursor,
    and BUTTON/SPACE to enter.

    * RUN/STOP to pause game. BUTTON/SPACE to restart.


    LOTEK64 ISSUE 50

    German language PDF Fanzine magazine has reached issue 50.

    The articles in this edition are:

    Lo*bert, Editorial, News, Lotek64-Story: 50 Editions, Jill of the Jungle,
    The Music of Commodore 64, The history of the golden C64, Petro
    Tyschtschenkos memories, Amiga DeskTop Video Master / Commodore 4064, Film:
    Die Gstettensaga - The Rise of Echselfriedl, Leisure Suit Leo II Deluxe Edition, Barcode Battler, Games that weren't: I Can Remember, Street
    Fighter: Assassin's Fist, ECCC 2014 - Chicago, Game City 2014 - Wien, Chipmusik, SIDologie and Videogame Heroes #16: Tetromino I.



    The website C64.com recently had an interview with Matt Gray. Matt is a musician and producer who started with the Commodore C64 way back in 1985.
    Mat used the unique sound of the SID chip to make music for the Commodore
    C64. He played music on a Casio MT-45 keyboard and then would convert it
    to the C64. You can read the whole interview on the C64.com web page.



    Stian Søreng has been working on a project he calls the C64FC flash
    cartridge, the device is for the Commodore C64.

    The cartridge emulates an 8 Kbyte EPROM, but can be programmed from your

    The C64FC has an ATmega16 microcontroller for USB communication and IDT7005
    RAM chip to emulate the 8 Kbytes EPROM.



    Recently updated is the High Voltage SID Collection. There are now more
    than 46,000 SIDs in the collection.

    This update adds 639 new SIDs, 168 better rips, 181 SID data improved, 7
    SID model / clock info 12 tunes identified and 26 tunes moved. You can download the update from the HVSC web page.



    SID Known is a command line tool which you can use to identify SID tunes
    from SID and PRG files.

    This tool can be used if e.g. you want to know which SID tune is used in a specific C64 demo or C64 game, or you have a SID tune found or ripped and
    you want to know if it is already in your SID collection.

    The tool was created initially for the High Voltage SID Collection crew to
    make it easier to find double entries in the C64 music collection. Since
    this tool was also requested by several people, the tool is now released
    and can be used by everyone.

    The tool creates and uses a small database which includes hashes from SID
    input data. The tool already includes a database that is created from the latest HVSC SID Collection (update #62).

    The tool has two methods to identify SID music. The first method is based
    on SID input data. The tool will internally play the SID tune or run the
    PRG file for 3 minutes (as fast as possible) and then creates a hash of the generated data and then tries to look it up in the database.

    If the tune can't be identified, it will try to play the SID tune for
    another clock speed (PAL or NTSC). If it then still can't be identified
    then it tries the second method to identify the tune. The second method
    will check the memory usage of the tune and will search for all the memory
    that is read in all the SID tunes found in the specified HVSC location. It will create an index file first to improve search speed.

    NOTE: although the tool identifies most SID tunes correctly, it still can identify a tune falsely. You should always check manually if the found
    tune is the same as the tune that you searched for.



    The list of winners of the "Ambient SID music competition" is now


    1. Singularity [stereo] by Scarzix
    2. Across Tundras by Linus
    3. Mechanical Waves by psycho8580
    4. Shodan by Jammer
    5. Another Cosmic Ride by celticdesign
    6. Boobsvinoambient by celticdesign
    7. Astral Travel by G-Fellow
    8. Meat Hook [stereo] by Jammer
    9. Crank Powered Async Loader V2 [stereo] by Jammer
    10. Electronic Stonehenge by G-Fellow


    A slideshow of several graphic-modes for the C128 with 64K VDC

    * 640x480 interlace 8x2 colour resolution

    * 640x576 interlace 8x3 colour resolution

    * 480x252 non-interlace 8x1 colour resolution

    * 640x400 non-interlace 8x2 colour resolution

    * 720x700 interlace monochrome

    * 800x600 interlace monochrome

    * two text modes with larger screen area

    This little demo shows some rare graphic modes on the VDC with some
    converted images. Very colourful pictures in resolutions of 640x480 or
    640x576 are possible as well as high resolution of up to 720x700 or 800x600 pixels. Also two text modes are included which provide a larger used
    screen area. Converters and sources are included.


    SEUCK COMPO 2015

    The New Dimension web page is organizing a new SEUCK competition for the
    year 2015.

    The rules are: C64 PAL or NTSC. Music for the intro is allowed, but the
    game itself you may only use sound effects.

    The closing date is 31 March 2015. At present, there are already two games
    in the league: Gigablast Alf Yngve and 3000 Kung Fu Maniacs Demo Psytronik Software.


    PLAYIT64 V0.9

    PlayIt64 is a tool to generate a .PRG file from a .SID music file.

    The program reads the PSID header information, starts the interrupt player routine and shows information on the screen.

    PlayIt is for PAL systems only and adjusts NTSC tunes to the right speed.



    Kick Assembler has been going through some updates. Some of the recent
    changes are: The following illegal nop opcodes are added: nop #$01 - nop
    $02 - nop $03,x - nop $1000 - nop $1000,x.


    VIC 20 NEWS


    VIC-20 Listings is an archi

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