• kernel compile localyesconfig

    From Captain Morgan@46:1/104 to All on Mon Jul 22 07:49:11 2019
    Linux kernel compiling novice. Using Fatdog 8.2 (that I boot from usb/runs in ram) I downloaded the kernel sources and devx sfs. Extracted the kernel
    source to hdd, loaded the devx sfs, and ran make. Also ran make
    localyesconfig after having copied the bzImage and System.map to /boot (renaming bzImage to vmlinuz), so the kernel is just loaded with the firmware/modules specific to my hardware (usb, wireless, laptop
    keyboard/screen etc). Using the fatdog initrd I removed fd64.sfs (the main filesystem) and kernel-modules.sfs files from that. Now I have a 8.5MB
    vmlinuz and 7.5MB initrd.gz that I've set to boot to init/busybox cli/tui.
    That has wireless connectivity and my hardware all seems to be working OK.
    With that booted I ssh into hashbang from where I have tmux, irc, w3m ... etc (multiple terminal windows, browser, email, mail lists, reddibox.us and of course BBS access ..etc. Posting this from it now. All runs in ram, and usb
    can be unplugged once booted, so pretty secure. :)
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