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    From opicron@46:20/110 to cozmo on Thu May 20 18:37:00 2021
    I'm using SyncTerm and i figured out about using any name and password. I thought users would be able to not get prompted for a user name & password BUt The more I research the topic I realize that isn't going to happen. NO big deal I just thought it would be less of a pain for users to not have t do that. I have logged on to some BBS's using SSH and not been prompted fo Name & Password.

    Yeah it has to do with the SSH daemon running on linux. I finally managed to avoid this on my Synology docker container. It now skips the SSH username and jumps straight to the board.

    Change the port of the board SSH and make sure the port is forwarded
    correctly. If you want port 22 to be the board do it the other way.

    Check bbs.opicron.eu with both telnet on port 23 and ssh on port 22.


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    Re: Linux and passwordless ssh
    Can be done, create a userid, edit /etc/shadow where the actual passwords are stored in encrpted form and set the second : separated field to nothing (::) and then run something like mkpw_db (can't recall the name offhand to re-create the password database). /etc/ssh/sshd_config should be adjusted to cater for passwords and allow empty passwords and thereafter ssh access will drop straight in.

    Not wise to do so. What I've done in the past is create my own alternative shell. Edit /etc/shells to include my own script, in /etc/passwd set that script as the shell for a user (last field of the users passwd entry). In the script set up a while :;do read ANS;done loop and all that user will be able to do is enter text. Evaluate ANS within that loop and you can add actions ... if [ "$ANS" = "dir" ];then ls;fi ... whatever.

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