• Spacex Sharship BBS

    From Datalus@46:10/297 to All on Mon Oct 11 17:19:26 2021
    D e e p S P A C E G A T E W A Y B B S

    telnet: bbs.deepspacegateway.net:2523

    EZYCOM V3.0 BBS software

    FidoNet, FSXNet, Survnet, Metronet and Agoranet
    Keep you eye out for DSGNET Echomail coming soon!

    Now HOSTING Flight Simulator Alaskan Bush Flying www.bushflyers.com
    for more information!
    FS2002,FS2004 and FSX Xplane11- COMING SOON, Download FSHostspy

    Old-School Dos based BBS Running on Windows 10 32bit
    Online Door games - Local: Lord1, Lord2, Planets, Lost in Space
    and Fresh Water Fishing. More games being added soon.

    Keep and Eye out for a New Fishing Derby with prizes

    New callers welcome, stop by today!

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/09/07 (Windows/64)
    * Origin: Spacex StarShip BBS (46:10/297)